The Menu Project


A series of bespoke menus—thematically linked to categories in cuisine and inspired by the experience of communal dining—handcrafted with love for an underground dinner club in Chicago.


Menu Design + Handmade Craft + Book Design

Clients: Josh and Christine of Sunday Dinner Club

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 9.10.31 PM.png

Some of the Menus I designed were exhibited at the Chicago Design Museum, in their show “Unfolded” and have been added to the Museum’s Permanent Collection.


The full 15-year anthology of Sunday Dinner Club menu’s culminated in an interactive, 100 page, art book which I designed under the direction of Kitemath’s co-founders.


Agency: Kitemath, Chicago
Creative Direction: Jen Mayer and Chris Jennings

Kelsy Postlethwait