The Menu Project

A series of bespoke menus thematically linked to the rich categories and cultures in cuisine, inspired by the experience of communal dining, and handcrafted with love for an underground dinner club in Chicago. Ultimately culminating in a published book.


Menu Design + Handmade Craft + Book Design

Clients: Josh and Christine of Sunday Dinner Club



Experiences of awe and wonder can profoundly increase human empathy, community, and peace of mind — qualities that are in high demand in today’s cultural climate. The Museum Of Awe’s mission is to bring these phenomena to communities in rushed metropoles, ultimately guiding people towards daily acknowledgment of the gift and privilege of being alive. In order to scale the experience, our client sought to grow the Museum of Awe [MOA] from singular prototype to multi-location pop-up.

Our role was to position the brand and design it’s identity. We developed a bespoke set of tools to guide the creation of future awe-inducing experiences, and equipped our clients with a narrative to help them gain investment and expand the museum to new audiences and geographies.


What we heard in our interviews

Insights + Ideas

The “un-museum”:

The classic interpretation of the word “museum” comes with institutional implications that threatened to misguide pre-visit expectations surrounding the MOA. On the other hand the recent trend in experiential “pop-up museums”—ones that rely on likable themes and instagram-worthy photo opportunities—was not the desired direction or perception either. What we found is that the Museum of Awe is actually in a category of it’s own: the "un-museum." At it’s most successful the MOA doesn’t frame an experience, but rather it seeks to reframe the daily rhythms of life itself as a result of the experience. “Life. Reframed.” thus became the center of our positioning, connecting out to the rest of the elements within the brand ladder.


Our shared ambitions:

We’ve uncovered five common desires between the “Creators” (our clients), the “Facilitators” (investors), and the “Experiencers” (audience) of the Museum Of Awe.

  1. We are all excited by the endless possibilities of life.

  2. We all crave exploration and discovery.

  3. We are all ready to step into an experience that is different from the everyday. 

  4. We all want to reconnect with ourselves. 

  5. We are all willing to be part of a collaborative community.



Positioning + Brand Ladder



Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 12.43.26 AM.png

Experience Design Tool


Mapping The Competition: Awe-Inducing Experiences, Elsewhere and Everywhere



Context: SVA Masters in Branding, Honors Program

Teammates: Camila Rodrigues Lisboa, Jess Spataro, Khushbu Sanghi, Lynette Pope, Matei Schwartz
Advisors: Dr. Tom Guarriello, Mark Kingsley, Melinda Welch, Stephanie Millar

Kelsy Postlethwait